Investor relations

The Company is committed to maintaining constructive communications with its shareholders. Normal shareholder contact is the responsibility of the Chief Executive Officer, Tim Steiner, the Chief Financial Officer, Andrew Bracey and the head of investor relations. The Chairman and the Senior Independent Director are available to the Company's shareholders to discuss any of their concerns and the larger shareholders were offered the opportunity to meet with the Chairman during the period. The Chairman met with shareholders during the period. The Senior Independent Director also met with a large shareholder of the Company during the period.

The Company regularly meets with its large investors and institutional shareholders who, along with analysts, are invited to presentations by the Company immediately after the announcement of the Company's results. The Chairman will usually attend such presentations by the Company. The Board regularly receives feedback from the Company's brokers and the Executive Directors on the views of major shareholders and the investor relations programme and also receives reports at each Board meeting on the main changes to the composition of the Company's share register. One of the Company's largest shareholders, the Apple II Trust has Jörn Rausing (who is a beneficiary of that trust) as a Director on the Board.

All shareholders can access the annual report, trading statements, investor presentations and regular announcements on the Company's corporate website ( All shareholders can choose to receive an annual report in paper or electronic form.

The Company's AGM

Shareholders will have the opportunity to meet and question the Board at the AGM. The AGM of Ocado Group plc will be held at 11:00 a.m. on 23 May 2012 at One Bunhill Row, London EC1Y 8YY.

A detailed explanation of each item of business to be considered at the AGM is included with the Notice of Meeting which will be sent to shareholders before the AGM. To allow for maximum shareholder input, the Company offers electronic proxy voting and voting through the CREST electronic proxy appointment service. The Board proposes that all resolutions proposed at the AGM will be taken on a poll vote. This follows best practice guidelines and enables the Company to count all votes, not just those of shareholders who attend the meeting. The Company expects that the Chairman will announce the provisional voting results at the meeting. The final voting results will be announced by the Company immediately following the AGM via the Regulatory News Service and will also be available on the Company's corporate website (

Share capital, voting rights and significant shareholders

Details concerning the Company's share capital, significant shareholders, special rights, voting rights and other matters required by the Disclosure and Transparency Rule 7.2 are set out in the Directors' report.

Going concern and business model

The Company's going concern statement and certain related matters required by Listing Rule 9.8 are set out in the Directors' report. For an explanation of the Company's business model as required by the 2010 Code see the Directors' report.