5.1 Subsidiaries

The principal subsidiary undertakings of the Company are set out below. A schedule of interests in all undertakings is filed with the annual return.

Principal activityShare of issued
ordinary share capital
and voting rights
Country of
Ocado Holdings Limited Holding company 100% England and Wales
Ocado Limited Retail and distribution 100% England and Wales
Ocado Information Technology Limited Intellectual property 100% Republic of Ireland
Last Mile Developments Limited Property development 100% England and Wales
Ocado Cell in Atlas Insurance PCC Limited Insurance company 100% Malta

In addition to the companies shown above, the Company also holds an investment in another subsidiary undertaking, which in the Directors' opinion does not significantly affect the figures in the consolidated financial statements. In accordance with Section 410(2)(a) of the Companies Act, a full list of subsidiaries was annexed to the 2010 annual return and submitted to Companies House. A full list of subsidiaries will be submitted to Companies House with the 2011 annual return.

The Group has effective control over the financial and operating activities of the Ocado Cell and therefore consolidates the Ocado Cell in its financial statements in accordance with SIC 12 "Consolidation – Special Purpose Entities". The Group uses the Ocado Cell to provide self-insurance for its vehicle fleet and public and product liability claims.